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At Lofit Gaming Networks Ltd, we believe, Sports are inherently social, and that games are best enjoyed by a community of passionate fans. With Lottery and sports betting, viewers can become further invested in a particular event. At our core, we strive to provide Gaming fans with top-tier digital experiences through our communities, premium content, and industry-leading insight and analytics.

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Changing the way fans bet on sports

At Betrelate, we believe sports betting should be built for the new generation of sports fans. That’s why we created a social platform that lets you stay connected and compete against other bettors with free features to help you beat the sportsbooks.

iGaming should be


An interactive sports betting/lottery community for deepened fan engagement and a better experience.


Everything you need to improve your performance in one easy-to-use location right on your phone.


Fun and free games to sharpen your skills, compete with friends and win prizes from anywhere in Nigeria.