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Earn rewards when you refer a friend to BetRelate

Have some friends you want to introduce to betrelate? All you need to do is simply Invite them through your referral link, and you will earn 20 Betrelate Coins on each person your reffer.

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Interactive feed with the best tipsters and forecasters

Looking for pro forecasters and tipsters? Find and follow them on the betrelate app! Our technology shows you tipsters and forecasters with the best prediction history!


Get Live and past lottery results from popular lottery games

See live and past lotto results from all the popular West African lottery games, share live as they are drawn and available on demand

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BetRelate is more than just a community its a lifestyle

join a community of sports enthusiasts from around the world. Have a blast exchanging heated debates, discussing games and teams, and sharing insider knowledge.

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Create or join exclusive groups on the platform

No matter your niche, you're sure to find a group in your interest. Create or join any of our exclusive groups on the platform to spend time with like-minded people and stay updated on things that are relevant to your Interest.

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